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Community Awareness and Safety

Where to Travel

As a pedestrian you must travel on the footpath whenever possible. Scooters are allowed to use off-road bicycle paths.

There are times when you will need to travel on the road, before entering the road, stop at the curb and look for traffic.

If you must travel along the road, keep as close to the curb as you can ands always travel on the right hand side (facing the traffic)

Make sure batteries are fully charged and you know the range of your scooter.

Sharing the Footpath

Scooters share the footpath with pedestrians.

For safety:-
                    Travel on the left of the footpath.

    At a speed that enable you to stop suddenly.

    Be mindful where you stop or park your scooter, never over a driveway.

Crossing the road

Scooter users are most at risk of an accident whilst crossing the road.


When you are using a scooter you are sitting lower than a walking pedestrian. This means that you may not be seen by car drivers and pedestrians.

Wearing bright colour clothing helps with visibility.

Attach a fluorescent orange visibility flag to your scooter.

Take extra care in poor light.

Watch out for cars going in and out of driveways.